Action For Rural Education (A.R.E) is a Non-Governmental Organization (N.G.O) founded in 2001 and registered as a Non Governmental Organization (N.G.O) in May 2002 with the Registrar General and the Social Welfare Departments respectively. A.R.E. currently operates in nine districts in Ghana.

Key Strategies:

Community Mobilization: A.R.E adopts participatory approaches in community mobilization and grassroots advocacy using Participatory Learning and Action Methodologies (PLA/PRA) to build local community stakeholder capacity and mobilize for action. Our community interventions adopt adult learning and appreciative enquiry methods to identify needs, enhance capacity and facilitate action. Information, Education and Communication (IEC) strategies are utilized to promote awareness and facilitate attitudinal changes in support of quality education, health and governance.

Advocacy: Our advocacy for rural development adopts media, research and policy advocacy strategies, with a core aim of influencing the development and implementation of pro poor social policies and participatory governace  in rural Ghana. A.R.E also adopts Rights Based  and Budget Advocacy methods in our campaigns for quality basic education, health and governance.